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Gombe National Park: chimpazeeGombe Stream National Park is located outside the Kigoma town about 16 kilometers north in the western part of Tanzania. The park is narrow strip of a mountainous country border by the crest of the African Rift Valley walls to the east and Lake Tanganyika to the west the deepest lake in Africa. The Park accommodates varieties of primates the major ones are the Chimpanzee (more than 150 are recorded), others include bushbucks, vervet monkeys, baboons, colobus and bushpigs.

Accommodation: luxury tented lodge, guest house and campsites available on the shore.
Activities: chimpanzee trekking; hiking, swimming/snorkeling; visit the site of Henry Stanley’s famous.
Best Time: July-October and late December as it gives the opportunity to view the chimps.


buffaloKatavi National Park: Is one of the biggest National Parks in Tanzania in terms of its Biomass being the second after Serenget. The park offers a game view of wild animals like elephants, hippopotamus, topi, crocodiles, giraffe, hartebeest, sable, roan, waterbuck, reedbuck and herds of African Buffalos. It also has a large number of mice at the edge of Chada flood plain.The park displays a pleasant scenario as you land at Katavi aerodrome. You can see animals at Katisunga flood plain. Apart from its beauty flora, Katavi has a large number of predators such as hyena, lions, leopards and it is a home to flocks of birds (400 species approx).

Accommodation: Bandas and campsites available in the park.
Activities: Walking, driving and camping safaris.
Best Time: May-October(the dry seaon).


Mahale National Park: warthog Lies South of Kigoma town on a peninsula that cuts out into Lake Tanganyika. The park vegetation is mainly Miombo woodland with narrow strips of riverine forests. It forms a suitable habitat for a variety of animal species e.g. elephants, warthogs, giraffes, zebra roan antelopes, buffaloes, hyenas, wild dogs and lions in the eastern woodland. There is a small guesthouse near Kasiha village and a luxury tented camp, which only operates during the dry season (May-October).

Accommodation: Seasonal guesthous, campsites and luxury tented camp operates during the dry season(May-October).
Activities: Chimp tracking; hiking; camping safaris.
Best Time: May-October(the dry seaon).

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